Princess Louisa Inlet

Welcome to Paradise!

Far inland, approached from the Strait of Georgia by way of Jervis Inlet, Princess Louisa Inlet has a charm and scenic beauty that must be seen and experienced. Millennia of glaciation carved past the magnificent granite-walled gorge through the snow-tipped mountains that rise sharply from the water’s edge to heights in excess of 2,100 meters (7,000 feet). As placid as a mountain lake, the ocean waters of Princess Louisa Inlet move constantly with the tides, but currents are practically nonexistent, except for the seven to ten-knot Malibu Rapids at the entrance. The inlet, almost completely enclosed, is 300 meters (1,000 feet) deep and never over 800 meters (1/2 mile) wide in its 8 kilometre (five-mile) length. Until mid-June, the warm sun melting the mountain snow-pack creates more than sixty waterfalls that cascade and spume down precipitous walls to mingle with the waters of Princess Louisa Inlet. The beautiful Chatterbox Falls at the head of the inlet tumbles down 40 meters (120 feet) and brings into the valley the necessary humidity to make the Princess a unique eco system.

Occasionally, a small pack of seals or even a pod of Orcas surface playfully, welcoming you into one of the last untamed paradises on Earth, asking you to experience life in each of its precious moments.

Come aboard our fast tour boat or float plane at our dock in Egmont and let us whisk you away in comfort. Enjoy some of the most scenic inlets of coastal BC and of the world. These are the adventures that are remembered for a lifetime.


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