On the journey to Princess Louisa Inlet keep your eyes to the horizon and watch the sweeping shores as you enjoy the journey. Black bears can be seen forging on the exposed shoreline on low and changing tides. Grizzly Bears can be found far up the mouth of the Princess Louisa Inlet during the late summer months, coming down to gorge before hibernating for the winter.

Direct your eyes to the sky and watch for Bald Eagles soaring effortlessly along the jagged mountains or perched high in the Western Red Cedars and Stika Spruce that inhabit much of the coast line. You may even catch the rare Golden Eagle or hear the call of the Osprey fishing on the abundant marine life.

Humpback and Grey Whales are known the wander into the inlets to fest on the krill during their voyage to the north seas and again south when they are heading to warmer waters for the winter. Orca Whales (Killer Whales) can also be seen on occasion when their hunt brings them into the calm waters of the meeting inlets.  Porpoises like to splash and play along side the tour boat, making friends with our guests while riding the wake. 

There are plenty of playful and curious Harbour Seals to be seen during the journey to Princess Louisa Inlet. Come during the spring and summer months and see all of the pups learning to swim, play and hunt with their mothers. During the months of April/May and September/October Stellar and California Sea Lions can be seen in groups up to 15 large! The males visit the ampule waters of the Jervis Inlet during the non-breeding season, then migrating further north along the coast of BC to their rookeries (breeding grounds). The California Sea Lions are especially known for their playfulness, curiosity, intelligence and noisy, bark-like vocalizations.

Be sure to bring your camera and binoculars!
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